Here are some of my art related projects and exhibitions.



This work is a Videogame that intersects a current problematic with public spaces in Bogotá with a popular game version on Roblox name Obbi which consist in passing a track full of obstacles it resembles real life obstacles that the public transport average user has to navigate to actually use the system in some places of the city. created using LUA on Roblox

sobrepuente sobrepuentejuego Screenshot detail

the city has try different methods to solve this problem but it has been a constant issue for the last couple of years, more than 300 tiles have being rob, several people has being hurt, and it has cost more than 1.5Millon USD, in a city with so many different social problems this is just one of them.

realproblem obbigame Game play

the game is a way to bring awareness to the problem and also a way to make it more visible to the public in a way that is not only a problem but also a game that can be played and shared with others.

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Colombian internal conflict timeline


This work is a geographical and time based explorer of different tagged events between more than 50 years of Colombian conflict. it was born as a proposed UI to navigate the internal truth commission database. information can be explore ranging from different dates, event category, parties involved and geographic locations.

timeline Screenshot main UI

every item/event is expandable so further information could be seen on a modal with associated tags and possible "involved groups"

timeline_modal Screenshot detail modal

Visualizing segregation data through social media


foodiecategory foodie categories: foodie status vs foodporn

Can we perceive a socio-economical or spacial segregation through a social media photo culture?

With digital based media spaces we have the unique ability to trace back this behaviours and analyse them in a quantitative way all the actions previously (or Real time) perform to be able to research human behaviour across different platforms for example: Twitter conversations, mobility around the cities, Instagram pics or purchasing patterns.

radial-increase Radial increase by hue from the main dataset overview

The end product generated is a data visualisation website analysing #foodie pics patterns crossed with socio-economical data on major social media sharing cities around the globe

cities Tokyo - San Francisco - New York twitter foodie / gentrification



A hardware of software approach to counting calories in particular for diabetes UX/UI design as part of my master program in Rhei-Waal University, Germany experience

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Corredor de ciudad MDE15



It's media art installation and web app placed in the exhibition scope at the Antioquia Museum in which the components of the MDE expanded and parallel activities are geolocated and highlighted using and interactive map to display data points and a web app to request the public for information about any cultural events sharing the same concepts or curatorial view with the MDE15 exhibition, the installation is located between the two temporary exhibition areas [1st floor] of the Antioquia Museum.


Soar race



an game based in the ethical dilema of having to program selfdriving cars to chose over people lifes in case of real accidents (trolley problem) it gets the list of people from your iPhone contact list an make you choose between them while driving a car through the highway.

“Save the one in the car. If all you know for sure is that one death can be prevented, then that’s your first priority.” link Accessed 15.07.17

that was part of the comments made by Mercedes-Benz executive Christoph von Hugo in and interview made by Car and Driver when ask about how the company he represents will take care of the ethical problem of an accident in the road in which the car will have to prioritise between different human lives, usually known as the trolley problem with the new self driving technology just around the corner.


If we take this previous experience and transport it as a metaphor of how it will look like the future of automated self driving car the market again will dictate under what shape their are going to play the tone for ethical dilemmas and even when is going to be possible to reprogram the car to what ever more persons feels comfortable under their own moral ground in the decisions taking, this time you can more likely be facing decades of Jail if you set your car to save you, or to save a specific group over another, call it pregnant mothers, children, woman in general, older people etc... or maybe if everyone is doing then it will be an elephant in the justice system and they will have to adapt as well. We definitely need the time and the will to think and take a stand as consumers and as a society to have this technology implemented according to our ethical cohesion. (let's make the breast pump not suck, MIT)



The event’s goal in this MIT hackathon was to give the breast pump a much needed makeover—making it more efficient, more affordable and more comfortable for all moms and parties involved.

pumpio pumpio

Our team made a mobile based app that could interact with the breast pump technical capabilities as well as gathering data in order to constantly monitor the mom behavior and provide feedback over her needs, we thought possible to connect a network of proffesionals over the app with the available information making possible for mom's to ask questions and responses directly from professionals in the area.


PD: we won the third prize thanks to Naia Health and we were really happy about it.

Fijate en los rincones



An efimeral drawing project direct on the wall, it was an exhibition made on "la sala de proyectos" of Los andes University 2008


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Video art participant in the IV itinerary video Bienal organice for the IDB (Inter-american development bank) nocturne


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