Analysing media trough social politics.



Today we have access to world leaders personal media statements a lot of them have advocate to have twitter and Instagram accounts that combined with data analysis can provide feedback in their personal behaviour, political agenda their own cultural statements etc.


There is more to meet the eye in the specific language a politician use to comunicate his believes also previous cultural analysis have being threaten Instagram or twitter as a universal culture and the maximum differentiation is being focus on geolocation but even inside the same cities we humans are stratified and segregated in sometimes very obvios sometimes not so much social class, no one has observed a particular class thought there media habits


Identify and analyse similar social layers through their social posts


Be taking samples for sets of social layer like the political leaders which is more easily identifiable we can transverse their habits and cultural phenomena Increase awareness into privileged individuals and government institutions to make them conscious about there own segregated behaviour.

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