Camera food software


Evolution of commercial smartphones have serve the purpose to massify the trend in the last decades, today a large group of several devices makes the “food” mode a default part of his basic camera functions with out even talking about specialise photography apps like Snapseed or VSCO the de facto camera of the Samsung galaxy S8+ just like any of this food effects increase the red and green channels to intensify the colors and increase the overall exposure to a predetermined limit also creates a circular (dish shape) focus that we are able to control to create first close up impact the overall resources are place in order to accomplish an appetizing default shot at the end

corredor Samsung S8 food mode demo

The fact that a culture trend is so popular that permeates the hardware and software we produce and consume is a powerful thought, one we can definitely explore further to a very specific level popular photography trends influences corporations to adjust their devices to it, highlighting a cultural influence in the market, this fact itself and the millions of time and money the manufactures have spent to make their devices attractive to the cultural photo trend users brings a lot of power to our side, smartphone markets is one of the more widespread markets

in the tech industry affecting millions of people that consume their products, in short we are responsible for the features and the development of the software and hardware we consume, our cultural trends directly affect the market.

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