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Soar race

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an game based in the ethical dilema of having to program selfdriving cars to chose over people lifes in case of real accidents (trolley problem) it gets the list of people from your iPhone contact list an make you choose between them while driving a car through the highway.

*“Save the one in the car. If all you know for sure is that one death can be prevented, then that’s your first priority.”*  link [Accessed 15.07.17]

that was part of the comments made by Mercedes-Benz executive Christoph von Hugo in and interview made by Car and Driver when ask about how the company he represents will take care of the ethical problem of an accident in the road in which the car will have to prioritise between different human lives, usually known as the trolley problem with the new self driving technology just around the corner.

If we take this previous experience and transport it as a metaphor of how it will look like the future of automated self driving car the market again will dictate under what shape their are going to play the tone for ethical dilemmas and even when is going to be possible to reprogram the car to what ever more persons feels comfortable under their own moral ground in the decisions taking, this time you can more likely be facing decades of Jail if you set your car to save you, or to save a specific group over another, call it pregnant mothers, children, woman in general, older people etc... or maybe if everyone is doing then it will be an elephant in the justice system and they will have to adapt as well. We definitely need the time and the will to think and take a stand as consumers and as a society to have this technology implemented according to our ethical cohesion. 



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