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Corredor de ciudad MDE15

Launch site

It's media art installation and web app placed in the exhibition scope at the Antioquia Museum in which the components of the MDE expanded and parallel activities are geolocated and highlighted using and interactive map to display data points and a web app to request the public for information about any cultural events sharing the same concepts or curatorial view with the MDE15 exhibition, the installation is located between the two temporary exhibition areas [1st floor] of the Antioquia Museum.


I‘m Fabián Ríos, I graduated as a Media Artist and I got involved in web development from design to coding and crafting elegant user center websites and applications for about 5 years now.

I'm an experienced Front-end developer how know's his way into Ruby on Rails so I can develop interesting functionality and end up presenting great design over quality information.

I live with my beautiful wife my children Samuel (2 years) - Jeronimo (3 months) and my dog in Medellin, Colombia.

This is my portfolio take a look at some of my work.